BoostYourCampaign is a full-service crowdfunding agency with offices in the US and Europe. BoostYourCampaign (BoostYourCampaign) is one of the most successful crowdfunding marketing agencies in the world, with hundreds of verified reviews. Voted as one of the top 10 PR agencies in the US in 2019 by DesignRush, top 5 crowdfunding agency in the US, and #1 in Europe.

As a starting entrepreneur and after 2 years of product research and development, we have decided to promote our brand on Indiegogo. When we first contacted 4 agencies, two stood out with a personal follow up. BoostYourCampaign offered the most information, the best price and we found the best reviews on boostyourcampaign, so we decided to go with them. With +1000% funded in under 10 days, we are very pleased not only with the result but with the entire process of working with Boostyourcampaign. I can recommend them for anyone looking to run a crowdfunding campaign.Jen Seal

As a little not-for-profit, they has helped us to dispatch our battle and raise 3x more than we had never longed for. their work has developed our group of spectators, and spare our crusade. The main lament I have isn’t enlisting them prior. They genuinely are the best crowdfunding office in the UK! – Lucas Coles

In our experience with several crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, we got contacted by a lot of people. We hired two different agencies and one freelancer. The only one that really delivered, was Boostyourcampaign. From day one the level of service I received from every person I worked with at Boostyourcampaign was exceptional. While one agency charged us a startup fee of $2500, boostyourcampaign got us fully funded, for only a fifth of that amount. They never let us down! – Mark Huet

We paid Boostyourcampaign $2497 and took their percentage package for Facebook ads. Learning from them and listening to their advice has really worked. $31k in direct donations, 18k from ads for our Kickstarter, 17k from the site they set up for us. I’m very grateful for boostyourcampaigns’ work.Taylor Fletcher

We have been a customer of boostyourcampaign for 4 years. Not once did they let us down. They manage our website and are our go to team for new product launches. – Joshua M.

The only agency that was up-front information about cost and options. Great work throughout the process, everything went very smoothly. Special Thanks to Thomas Landers and Collin Anderson who made it happen. Louis S.

An excellent and valuable cooperation! The communication, helpfulness and quality are outstanding. Over 4000% ROI ! and the campaign is not over yet. Highly recommended for those who need support with crowd funding. Custom $3500 package. R watch.Benjamin Ross

BoostYourCampaign Reviews - Boost Your Campaign has been reviewed as one of the most successful Kickstarter marketing agencies in the world.
3 x Indiegogo – 3x BoostYourCampaign

I loved every single aspect of working with boostyourcampaign. They provided excellent guidance and brought the campaign to over $3,000,000 raised. Let’s face it, there are a lot of choices out there where marketing is concerned, but many of them of them aren’t particularly any good. Boostyourcampaign was the only agency that delivered on its promises. No other agency compares. Hire them! – Wenqing Yan

BoostYourCampaign Reviews – Boost Your Campaign Reviews

Boost Your Campaign (BoostYourCampaign) is a top crowdfunding marketing agency that works with entrepreneurs and investors looking to get funds for their projects and ideas. Boost Your Campaign taps into different crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to raise the funds, helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs get the money they need, eliminating risky lending and the need to approach banks for high-interest loans. 

How does Boost Your Campaign (BoostYourCampaign) work? 

You have a brilliant idea and need to crowdfund to get the funds you need to implement it. BoostYourCampaign gathers your ideas and chooses the best to crowdfund – the idea could be anything that shows promise like a new apparel brand, a film, a new gadget or any creative content. Your project is then given a full service from project crowd fund branding and consulting, to page setup, to pre-launch marketing, to overall crowdfund marketing and project strategy. 

BoostYourCampaign (Boost Your Campaign) considers the project idea before it partners with the entrepreneur. If the idea is approved, Boost Your Campaign then goes into a partnership with you, the entrepreneur. For the agreement to be complete, you will need to sign a contract that dictates the terms and conditions. The contract outlines the project ideas for crowdfunding marketing and pertinent information.

BoostYourCampaign (Boost Your Campaign) guarantees you that you will have leading experts in the industry working very closely with you to make sure that your project has all that it requires to be successfully funded. Once BoostYourCampaign approves your project, you can rest assured that you will be getting professional-grade marketing especially optimized for your idea or project. 

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My husband and I have each been in the business world for at least 20 years and I can honestly say that I have never worked with a team of people as wonderful as Boostyourcampaign. We’ve worked with a handful of other agencies, but Boostyourcampaign was the only company that helped us reach our goal. – Laura Murdock

Thomas and boostyourcampaign coupled with the Allpha35 team is a recipe for success! Thomas and the team are great to work with. We raised $1,319,274!! There should be no doubt or hesitation when thinking to hire boostyourcampaign. They are the best in what they do and have the power to make your campaign succeed. – Maggie, Alpha.

We started our project with a list of 400-500 contacts, and around 1000 followers on social media. Our youtube channel had a decent reach. When boostyourcampaign finished the three months pre-launch, we launched the campaign with 21800 contacts. Our campaign raised over $2,100,000 USD in funding. 84% is a direct result of their work. We are one of the top 100 Kickstarter projects of all time.

It was a 360 learning experience for me. Having no experience in marketing, Boost provides a service that to a startup is like learning each and everything marketing. They helped me understand the steps to run a successful campaign and moved on to find new ways to engage with our supporters and then identified influencers who could help with unboxing videos in Iberia. We love it! 

It’s been seamless from beginning to end! I’ve worked with other similar services and have never encountered a better service than BYC. Their skin in the game approach made them stand out from any other crowdfunding agency. We are now looking to sign up for their e-commerce support if Giovanni can make me a good offer (wink).

Good offer! Boost stood out in service, price and after campaign services. 

I’ve been working with Boost Your Campaign for well over 6 months now and safe to say, they know what they’re doing. They improved our Amazon listing and manage our ads for a % kickback on sales. A unique strategy other agencies did not want to offer.

Cool!! Awesome!!
You can’t go wrong with these folks.

Great team to work with. Friendly, engaging, willing to go the extra mile! Their A/B testing ideas and execution process, allowed us to make some simple and small changes to the Indiegogo that yielded fantastic results. – Smartmi

The campaign page traffic increased by 400%. 1044 backers for a total of $627,880. They use Google Analytics and Kickstarter dashboard throughout the campaign. Coverage on Mashable and Hodinkee. Need help? Call them today.

We contacted boostyourcampaign for the first time during our live campaign. They reviewed our project and recommended us to relaunch. We had high hopes for the live campaign, so paid over 2500 to on another agency (funded today) to run ads. This turned out to be a complete waste of money. We contacted boostyourcampaign again and signed up with them. What we should have done in the first place. Their onboarding process was quick. We have been mainly working with Collin on our relaunch. We are beyond pleased with Collin’s impeccable service. He is extremely helpful in guiding us through the whole process. He pays close attention to details. He is also very patient in explaining us on how the verification funnel works. We are very pleased with boostyourcampaign.

Second campaign with boostyourcampaign. They have been a great partner throughout our first campaign. boostyourcampaign helped us to tell our story exactly how we wanted it. With their support, we already raised more than $35000 in one day. Our results would not have been anywhere near as good without their help.

We were very happy to work with Giovanni and Sofia on our project. From starting the discussion, to implementation of our strategy, everything was done on time, and at a very professional level. I would recommend BoostYourCampaign’s services to anyone in the industry who’s looking for some guidance and implementation of their service.

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